6 Ways to Relieve Your Pet From Body Pains

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Pain is an unpleasant experience in both pets and human beings.. As a pet owner, you will want to do everything in your power to ensure your fur friend feels better. In some cases, a pet might feel pain due to an injury, while in others, it’s due to chronic illnesses, including osteoarthritis. Based on the intensity and cause of your pet’s pain, there are different ways to relieve it from. They include:

1. Avoid Obesity Due to Overfeeding

Overfeeding your pet can lead to obesity, a condition associated with difficulty in mobility and lameness. This is because your pet’s joints will be overloaded when it’s obese. Additionally, the fatty tissue that forms due to obesity is pro-inflammatory and is likely to cause joint pain.

Therefore, you should always know your pet’s body condition score (BCS), a measure similar to BMI for people. Finally, ensure you refrain from giving your pet treats and overfeeding to aid it in losing or retaining the best weight.

2. Create Traction for Your Pet

If your home is made of hardwood floors or floors made of high-gloss finishes, it’s difficult for your pet to get a grip. It might be prudent for you to put movable yoga mats or carpet tiles on the floor. This will create a textured floor surface for your pet to play and walk comfortably without slipping, causing a painful injury. Additionally, you might need to get a dog back brace for your pet to help stabilize its spine while playing. A steady spine wouldn’t pinch the nerves and lead to pain.

3. Consider Giving Your Pet Supplements

Administering pain relief supplements to your pet can help relieve it from body pains. Supplements are suitable for managing a pet’s body pain in the long term since they have minimal chances of causing undesirable side effects.

The disadvantage is they are not controlled; thus, you may have to seek advice from a veterinarian. As an expert, a veterinarian will guide you on the dosage and the best supplement to buy.

4. Physical Rehabilitation and Exercise

If your pet got an injury and they are experiencing body pain, physical rehabilitation is an excellent strategy to relieve the pain. Physical rehabilitation encompasses muscle stimulation, directed exercises, and underwater treadmill activity.

Besides, your veterinarian will guide you on when appropriate to exercise or rest your pet. Exercises meant for pain management for your pet include interactive play for cat pets and leashed walking and swimming for dog pets.

5. Comprehensive Treatment

If your pet is experiencing persistent body pain, there are several types of therapy you might have to consider. Each pet is unique and may respond positively to various combinations of treatments. You should consider comprehensive treatment if your pet is fond of experiencing chronic body pain.

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, combining different types of therapies may be the solution to relieve your pet from chronic pains. Popular comprehensive treatments to discuss with your veterinarian include:

Acupuncture: This is a Chinese treatment technique that assists in restoring body energy balance to enable the body to heal itself. However, it should be performed by an individual who is trained on how to use the needles that relieve pain and increase blood flow to muscles.

Therapeutic laser: Laser treatment enhances blood flow and reduces inflammation resulting from local sources of pain. However, this comprehensive treatment isn’t suitable for pets suffering from cancer.

Chiropractic therapy: This treatment helps realign your pet’s joints to enhance mobility.

6. Perform Surgery

Some forms of pain can only be eliminated through a surgical procedure. However, you should understand that there are risks of having your pet undergo surgery to relieve pain. For instance, your pet may take longer to heal, and the procedure can be costly.

Nevertheless, if your pet is experiencing pain related to knee caps, a surgical procedure is the best alternative to relieve its pain. Overly, ensure you consult your veterinarian before you decide to have your pet undergo a surgical procedure.

Concluding Word

Watching your lovely pet experience pain can be a devastating thing. Fortunately, using these six strategies, you can find a way to relieve your pet from chronic body pains. However, always ensure you consult your veterinarian before using any of these approaches.


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