7 Ways to Deal With Unreliable Employees

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Unfortunately, hiring unreliable employees is also reasonably easy to do. Most of the time, you will not realize that they are unreliable until it is too late and your boss is breathing down your neck for results. A few ways to spot an unreliable employee are if they cannot complete tasks promptly or always have an excuse for why they cannot do it.

the following are seven ways to deal with an unreliable employee:

Talk with your boss

The first thing you want to do is talk with your boss and see if there is a way that you can work together to resolve this issue. Some problems might be because they are overloaded with work or need additional training. By communicating with your boss, you can help to fix this problem.

Speak directly to the employee

If the problem cannot be resolved with your boss, the second thing you will want to do is talk with the employee directly. Be direct, polite, and professional when doing this. Speak to them about what they are doing wrong and how it can be resolved by talking more over email or in person. Ask questions that will help you understand their reasoning for not completing tasks on time or at all.

Giving them a performance review

The third thing you will want to do is give your employees feedback. This can be done by either speaking with your boss about it or writing them up in the form of a performance review. By doing this, you tell them what they are doing wrong and how to improve. If as time goes by and they have not improved in their work ethic you can write up reasons as to why they are receiving a warning for their lack of performance.

Monitor their progress closely

The fourth thing you will want to monitor their progress more closely. You should check in with them regularly and see if they are getting the job done promptly or at all. If they are not, ask why immediately to get it resolved.

Hire a mediator

If talking with the employee does not resolve the problem, you might want to hire a mediator. A mediator will help both of you describe what needs to be done and how it can get done. By performing this task, they will realize that their actions impact others, which is disrespectful. If these meetings do not work, you want to let them know that their position will be terminated if they cannot improve. This should be a last resort because this might create a more significant trust gap between the other employees and those fired.

Decide whether or not they can continue working at your company

The sixth thing you need to do is decide whether it is possible for the employee to continue working at your company or not. If they are constantly late, have excuses even though you have talked with them about it, and refuse to fix their problem, then this might be someone who cannot work at your company anymore. These situations It might be difficult to fire someone, but it will only make the rest of your employees lose respect for you if you do not do this.

Thank your reliable employees more often

The final thing you need to do is focus on the reliable people in your workplace and thank them for doing a great job. If they see how much effort you are putting into rewarding your dedicated employees, then they might follow your example. This might encourage them to do their job better if they see how much effort is put in to help the other employees.

In conclusion, employees can cause a lot of problems in the workplace. If nobody knows how to deal with this, it will negatively affect everyone else around them. Discuss what is happening with your boss and see if they have any advice on how you can resolve the problem. If speaking with the employee does not work and neither does anything else, then you might want to consider letting them go.

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