Best US Vacation Spots for Mountain Lovers
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Just a single look at a mountain peak and you want to get up there and see what the world looks like from up there. Surely you can bet that it looks spectacular. You can already smell the unique scents of trees you will meet as you make your climb and even hear the wildlife signaling each other. What awe mountains are! You can go for a hike in the summer, ski in winter, or enjoy a colorful walk in fall. There is so much to do and see while exploring mountains. The only problem is there are many mountain destinations in the United States. Which one should be your next destination? Here are some top picks.

The Smoky Mountains in Tennessee/North Carolina

Located at the border of the Tennessee and North Caroline States, the Smoky Mountains cover a total area of over 500,000 acres. It is one of the country’s most visited national parks and this is not without reason. It is filled with wandering wildlife, rich flora, and cascading waterfalls. Everything that nature lovers love! Plus the awesome views made by the mountainous topography are a sight to behold. The 800 miles long hiking trail can be hiked all year round because the area experiences mild winters. The nearest town and easiest place to stay as you plan to visit the Smoky Mountains is Gatlinburg. With several cozy, warm and clean Gatlinburg cabins that face the mountains to choose from, you will definitely find a place you will love staying at. Whether you are traveling with your sweetheart, the entire family, or a few friends, Gatlinburg cabins can make your trip one to remember!

Denali in Alaska

Standing at 20,320 feet tall, the Denali is North America’s tallest peak. It is located at the heart of the Denali National Park and can be toured using several means. It has attracted climbers from all over the world. However, climbing the Denali is not for the faint-hearted. Only professional climbers who are in excellent physical conditions are allowed to make the attempt. If you are an avid climber and want to challenge yourself, this is a perfect opportunity. If not, you can hike to a part and though you may not get to the top it will be a fun-filled trip.

The most common and most convenient method of seeing the Denali is through flightseeing tours. There are several companies organizing these trips. Just book with a reliable one and you will be in for a nice treat. You will be taken on a flight that will fly you over the vast Denali National Park while staying low enough for you to appreciate the rich flora and fauna. You will see the Alaskan landscape from its best angle. Take a breath and appreciate just how marvelous all this looks. The icing on the cake is a circling around the Denali peak that puts you face to face with this beautiful snow-covered peak.

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

With over 3 million visitors visiting these mountains every year, it is definitely a popular destination. The 425 square mile national park is easily accessible from the Front Range and Denver towns. When you get to the Rocky Mountains you will be happy with the many options you have. You may summit the 14,258 feet up the Longs Peak, hike to see the cascading waterfalls, camp, or picnic in the beautiful greenery.

During your chosen activity, be on the lookout for mule deers, elks, and bighorn sheep among other wildlife. There is something for everyone to do at the Rocky Mountains. If you can manage to come to this area at any time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, have a drive along the highest paved highway. This will take you 12,183 feet above sea level running between the Estes Park east side and the west of the Grand Lake. This route snakes up the mountain with amazing views and heart-throbbing corners along the way. Enjoy the drive.

Visit any of the above destinations and your thirst for mountain adventures will be quenched. You will surely have a good time and enjoy epic views in the ways you like. One advantage of mountain tours is the ability to choose between hiking, climbing, camping, skiing, and other methods of exploring. Make a pick and enjoy!

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