Does Instagram Show Who Viewed Your Profile?

Who Viewed Your Profile Instagram
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Have you ever questioned whether someone is repeatedly viewing your Reels and Stories on Instagram, despite receiving likes and comments? It’s reasonable to assume that this information is available to you, considering the app’s useful features.

As human beings, we all desire to feel appreciated and valued. If you’re interested in knowing who visits your Instagram page, there are ways to do so, such as converting your Instagram account to a business account or checking your Instagram stories.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a foolproof way to get a list of users who are tracking your account. You can search for indications that several people have seen your content. However, that doesn’t mean you’re completely clueless. Keep reading to discover more useful tips on Instagram privacy.

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Profile?

Instagram is a great platform for creating a thoughtfully curated collection of photos that are significant to you or for maintaining a daily journal of your experiences and perspectives. It’s an ideal platform for individuals who enjoy sharing the photos and images they create.

While people enjoy sharing their talents, life, and hobbies with others, concerns about privacy may arise. Unfortunately, Instagram doesn’t provide any information about who has visited your profile. You can view the list of viewers and likes on your posts and reels, but that’s about it. However, you can make your Instagram account private, allowing only approved followers to access and appreciate your content.

While there is no direct way to determine who has visited your Instagram profile, there are tools that can help you in your search. However, it’s worth noting that the identities of those who have visited your profile will still be hidden. There are several third-party apps available for download on Android and iPhone that claim to provide access to this information. Below are some examples of smartphone applications that you can consider downloading.

Best Apps to See Who Viewed Instagram Profile

Best Apps to See Who Viewed Instagram Profile

The reason cited by the company for banning this service and exposing user activity is to protect user privacy, as most Instagram users spend time browsing other users’ profiles. Revealing the identities of those who visit a profile could be seen as a violation of privacy, potentially resulting in fewer users using the platform.

However, if you are interested in using third-party apps to try to uncover the identities of your Instagram profile visitors, the apps listed below may be worth considering. While there is no guarantee that they will be successful, you can still download and give them a try.

Analyzer Plus

Analyzer Plus, which is available for download on iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, allows you to track various metrics related to the effectiveness of your Instagram posts, including the number of likes and comments they receive. You can also monitor who unfollows you and who engages with your posts the most or least, as well as get real-time statistical insights on the number of followers you have gained or lost.


Another app, InMyStalker, is available for free download on Android smartphones. It scans your Instagram profile and alerts you to any potential stalkers or profile viewers. It even claims to reveal the identities of those who may have viewed your Instagram photos, providing detailed information on your stalker, including who has blocked or unfollowed you, and which of your posts has the most likes.

Follower Analyzer for Instagram

Follower Analyzer for Instagram 

Next on the list is the Follower Analyzer for Instagram, available for download on Android. With this app, you can maintain a detailed record of your followers, including who recently started following you, who consistently likes and comments on your posts, and more. You can also analyze other public accounts using this app.


Influxy is another widely used mobile app that provides various metrics analysis, making it the perfect solution for those seeking to learn how to check who viewed their Instagram profile for free. This cross-platform app is available for both iOS and Android users and allows you to stay up-to-date with your friends’ profile updates, see who has viewed your profile, identify your most popular posts, and more.

Reports for Followers

Reports for Followers is another app that can be downloaded on iPhones. It offers detailed information on your Instagram followers and allows you to keep track of who has unfollowed you. It also helps users determine which of their posts are more popular with their followers, check metrics for their stories, and develop their account based on view counts, likes, and comments.

FollowerMeter for Instagram

Lastly, FollowerMeter for Instagram is an app that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices from the Play Store and App Store, respectively. With this app, you can monitor various information, including those who have unfollowed you, those who have viewed your account stories the most, your top likers, hidden admirers, and more.

Can I Find Out Who Viewed My Instagram Through A Third-Party App?

Instagram Through A Third-Party App

It is important to be cautious when using third-party applications and services that claim to provide insight into your Instagram profile visitors. While Instagram’s policy allows some exchange of data with external apps, these third-party programs often make false promises about revealing profile visitors.

Unfortunately, some of these applications can cause more harm than good. Some apps may ask for your Instagram login information, putting your data at risk, while others may require a subscription and steal your money.

It is recommended to avoid using such third-party applications that claim to reveal your secret profile visitors or provide information on your followers. Instead, you can use the search feature on your follower list to see if someone is still following you.


As an Instagram user, you may be curious to know who has visited your profile. Instagram notifies its users whenever someone follows or interacts with their posts by liking or commenting. However, the platform doesn’t notify users when someone views their profile without engaging with their posts. If someone who isn’t following you is silently viewing your profile on Instagram, you wouldn’t be aware of it.

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