Everything you need in a modern CV

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The presentation of a modern curriculum vitae to respond to a call for tender is of paramount importance in today’s world. However, it is important to know the necessary elements that come into play in the writing of such a CV in order to meet the requirements of the moment. This article gives you everything that a modern CV should contain.

Personal information

The curriculum vitae is an informative document that generally begins with the candidate’s personal information. In fact, for resume templates modern, it is advisable to start with the personal information to enable the recruitment structure to know the candidate’s profile. The provision of personal information at the beginning of the drafting of the curriculum vitae is not a trivial matter. It allows the company to quickly identify applicants. In fact, personal information has a unique character and plays an important role in the CV. 


However, it provides more detail on the candidate through the information it contains. Thus as personal information in a CV, the individual will put an access on the following modalities:

  • Name
  • First name(s)
  • Date and place of birth
  • City of origin
  • Marital status
  • Correspondence details


These six points are essential for the success of the personal information section. They can be arranged according to the candidate’s preferences. However, in order to seduce the speaker, the individual has the possibility to use aesthetic tools. In addition, some personal information can be added later on request of the host organization. This can be a relative’s number or the candidate’s social network details to enable a possible follow-up. 

Professional experience

In the framework of a modern curriculum vitae, professional experience takes second place to personal information. Indeed, the professional experiences allow one to have a knowledge of the different training that the candidate has received. It is the phase in which the individual records all his or her abilities required for the position he or she is applying for.


However, the candidate will highlight his or her assets by mentioning his or her most important degree in the field of research agent. Indeed, the professional experiences are illustrated in this paragraph by the candidate taking care not to omit anything. Any added professional experience can be an asset for a favourable decision of the management.


For a modern CV, the candidate is free to choose a layout style that he or she deems appropriate. Indeed, the individual will have to take into account the years of obtaining the diplomas he/she will mention at this stage.

The skills acquired

Very often, the skills acquired by the candidate come last on the CV paper. Indeed, the candidate illustrates in the last part the skills he/she acquired before obtaining the professional experience diplomas. The skills acquired are related to the different academic degrees. 


For this purpose, the candidate mentions in this last paragraph of the essay the academic degrees he/she holds. As academic diplomas, we generally note on modern CV models: the primary school certificate, the school certificate, the baccalaureate, the licence, the master and the doctorate.


On the other hand, the candidate is not allowed to mention an academic degree that he/she has not received. False information about acquired skills may cost the applicant the job. As a result, the candidate will lose the job. As well as these three crucial phases, there is the certification phase of the above information to give credibility to the CV.


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