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How to Earn Karma on Reddit

How to Earn Karma on Reddit
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It’s a relatively simple process, but it can be very rewarding. Whatever your goals are, you will need to be patient and persistent in getting your posts seen and upvotes. The process goes like this:

First, you create a profile with a link to your website.

Next, you submit links on Reddit to your website (or other sites). Then, when someone upvotes or downvotes the links that you submitted on Reddit, that person has earned a small amount of karma (see below). The amount is not much: one point of karma equals one upvote or downvote of which one is significant enough to get noticed (your point of karma will keep increasing until it reaches zero).

This means that something posted in a “subreddit” — such as the subreddit “r/MyNewToy” — counts as an upvote / downvote. You can earn more karma by posting more links or by trying to get more people to upvote / downvote your posts.

To summarize: posting links on Reddit = karma = upvotes / downvotes.

So how do I earn karma?

First of all: don’t panic if you make a mistake! There are two ways for you to earn karma — and it really does depend on the situation — but both are equally important for keeping track of who is doing what and who is responsible for bringing attention towards your links (and thus earning points).

Upvoting & Downvoting

Upvoting is simply giving someone points over time; while downvoting is simply taking them away from you. So if somebody posts something useful, you can give him points by voting him up or down in the comments section (which he might then share with his friends).

And if somebody posts something not useful at all in this online community, then those same friends can vote him down in the comments section before he shares it with others through social media or advertising.

If this seems like too complicated a system, then here’s another option: “flair” someone else’s post so that they get more points than everybody else in their flaired category (i.e., “friended-out-of-the-top-10”), which will make them eligible for more points than normal users in that same category.

How to earn karma

Karma is a metric that Reddit uses to measure the quality of content on the site. It is essentially a mark of quality inversely related to votes. The more karma a user has, the more popular and relevant their posts are. The user’s karma can be found in their profile and can also be seen by subscribing to your Reddit account.

The most important thing to know about karma is that it doesn’t mean anything when you post on Reddit. You are only rewarded for how much people like your post — it does not matter if you have 100k karma, or just 1k. If you have 0 karma, your post will get no attention whatsoever and not even have time to show up in the “Today at X” sidebar because it won’t be there at all.

If you want to understand what karma means, you should try out some other sites like Hacker News (where people rank content based on its quality). Some of their features include ‘karma score’, which gives a rough idea of how good a post is (the higher the number, the better).

You can also get an idea of your karma by looking at your own subreddit: if you see lots of comments made about your post, it probably has some value and should be rewarded with some points for sure!

Posting interesting, original content

Reddit does not allow advertisements and we strongly discourage anyone from posting advertisements on the site. While it is still possible for large companies to advertise on Reddit, it is less common, but not impossible. If you are a small business that wants to do an ad buy without getting in trouble, you might consider not posting any advertisements at all.

In addition to that, if you have a professional account on Reddit (i.e. an educator or someone employed by an educational institution) or if you are a moderator on the site (which would be exceptionally unlikely), you can earn karma by reporting other users who have violated the site’s rules and content policies and thereby help them avoid getting banned from the site. This is done for two reasons: 1.) It helps us maintain a healthy community; 2.) It helps our moderators keep their jobs as well as improve their quality of life.

But first let’s talk about karma itself:

What is Karma?

Karma is one of many ways people can incentivize other people to help them out with their Reddit experience, whether it be by commenting on their posts, upvoting their posts or even just voting up smaller comments they made themselves. The karma system works in the following manner: when someone upvotes your post, they are rewarded with additional upvotes. If they comment on your post, they are rewarded with more comments (this can also be done by voting). If they downvote your post, they get fewer comments — but they can still earn karma points just by staying alive and keeping on going! Basically, if somebody likes what you’re doing then you get more opportunities to do that thing more often — which means more opportunities to be rewarded with some extra karmas!

How does this work? It’s pretty simple actually: 1) You get karma for every action (upvote/comments/downvote) that your Reddit friends or readers take which helps you stay alive in this Reddit World! 2) By reciprocating with actions of our own then we can both benefit from each other’s good deeds!

As we mentioned earlier, there are a few ways in which people earn karma points: 1) Reporting cases of abuse – You need only report cases of abuse so our moderators will take them seriously – giving them consequences for breaking rules like /r/notyourcunt . 2) Upvoting content – When someone upvotes another user’s post it means that person has found something interesting or useful

Being active and helpful in forums

Reddit is a community where you can ask questions and get answers to them. But the rate at which questions are answered is not very high, the people who answer them are not very active and the quality of answers varies greatly.

In order to get any kind of karma, you have to be active in forums. A lot of people will just post a question and leave it there, before they move on to their next post. This is a bad idea because it leaves the forum with no activity and also, it keeps you from earning karma over time. However, if you do moderate your posts (which we will cover in this guide), then you can earn karma without leaving Reddit for long periods of time.

We explain how to moderate your posts below:

… and we discuss some of the pitfalls in moderating your posts that people often fall into.

Upvoting others’ content

Your content needs to be of a quality that makes it worthy of upvoting. This means you need to do your research, talk to other users and understand their motivations for upvoting your content.

Leaving helpful comments

Karma is an important part of the Reddit experience. We explain how to earn karma on Reddit.

When you create a post, your karma is represented as a number that changes depending on the number of up-votes (upvotes are always calculated in numerical form) and down-votes (downvotes are calculated in numerical form). When you leave a comment, your karma is represented as another number that changes depending on the amount of up-votes (upvoted comments display positive karma and negative karma displays negative karma).

The benefits of earning karma:

Reddit is a popular social news site. It’s also a good place to earn karma, the reputation that you get for doing things on Reddit. If you want to be on the front page of Reddit, that’s a sign of quality content.

Increased visibility for your content

If you want your product to be as popular, you need to be as visible as possible. Reddit can provide a tremendous amount of visibility for your product. Not only is it the largest and most relevant discussion forum on the Internet, but it has an inherent ability to attract users who are otherwise interested in niche topics.

It’s important that you don’t oversell your product; people generally don’t want to hear about everything they don’t want. They take their cues from what they are reading, and if they feel like you are trying to sell them on something that isn’t worth their time, they won’t be likely to stick around long enough to see how it works.

Greater chance of having your content upvoted

In this world, there are many kinds of karma. The one you’re going to discuss here is what we call “popular” karma. It is the most common kind, and it’s received by people who post content that gets upvoted. The higher the number of upvotes (or downvotes) received by a post, the more popular it is. We don’t solve for popularity — that varies from submission to submission — but we do solve for the key characteristics of popular karma:

• It goes up

• It comes from people who are interested in your content and want to see it get voted up

• It comes from people who know how to use Reddit (they are the frontpage vultures) and understand how their votes impact other users’ karma on a particular post (they help drive traffic and generate discussion). People in this category can also be called “helpful” or “excellent” karma.

The rest of us have something less than helpful and less than excellent karmas. They are not as popular.

They come from people who are not interested in your content and do not want to see it get voted up; they have no idea how any vote works and they just don’t care enough about your blog or product to even look at it; they just want to follow a bunch of links back to themselves so that they can say “I did X!” without actually doing anything themselves.

This means that these karmas usually aren’t as influential in driving discussion or traffic as popular karmas are, but they still do contribute toward the overall score you’re trying to achieve on Reddit. So, what can you do with them? Well, all you need is an “upvote” button on your site (that’s what makes them all look different). You need a way for users to vote up your posts before they go live, so you add a button.

More influence on Reddit

In a previous post, we explained how to set up Reddit accounts and how to earn karma points. But what you don’t know is that you can also earn karma by submitting links to your own articles/posts.

This is something many new users are struggling with, because they don’t know how to submit links. If you have any experience with posting on Reddit (either through existing accounts or through an account created for this purpose), then this should be no problem for you.

To figure out which other people have been posting about what topic, use the handy link finder below (it searches the front page of your chosen subreddit):

Find a topic that interests you and then search the front page of your chosen subreddit for that topic:

If there are any relevant posts on the front page, you will see them listed in the dropdown list at the top of every page.


How earning karma can make your Reddit experience more enjoyable? It is a very popular question on Reddit. We’re curious how much you know about karma and how it impacts your experience with the site.

Karma is an important element of Reddit’s online personality and experience. When someone earns a certain amount of karma, they become known as “karma points” and are given special privileges on the site. In this post, we explain exactly what karma is, what it means to have a positive karma score, and how to earn it.

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