How to Edit Videos using PowerDirector

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PowerDirector is a feature-rich video editing application that you can use to edit a video professionally. The application is available for Windows, iOS, and Android. The Android version of PowerDirector offers limited features, while the Windows version provides several advanced features like color-grading, Chroma-key, and many others. Even if you are new to the world of video editing, PowerDirector can make editing easy for you. It is the professional editor’s choice. Here is how anyone can edit videos using PowerDirector in just a few simple steps.

Import a Footage

First, open PowerDirector, you will see the “Edit” option; click on it. As you click the “Edit” option, you will see various options appearing on the upper left side. Click the one that appears on the top. You can import any video clip into the software. In this way, you can import as many clips as you want. As you tap on any file, you will see the video in the timeline. You can drag the file forward and backward according to your preference to set it in the right position. PowerDirector offers a tool to remove the unwanted part of a video. Just click on the timeline and choose the “Split” tool to remove the unwanted portion of a video.

Apply Transitions

You can apply transitions to make a video appear appealing. Just pick the desired transition effect and drag it on the clip. You can add it to a specific portion of a video clip. Transitions will make your video look professional. Don’t apply multiple transition effects to a video, as this would worsen the video quality.

Insert Texts

You can add texts to a video and make it more appealing. PowerDirector offers several different font styles that you can choose from. You can type the movie title, song title, and your name in a video. You can change the text colors and size. After you have done it, click “OK” to save the changes.

Add a Soundtrack

If you make videos on some interesting topics and wish to add a soundtrack to your video so that your viewers do not get bored, you can do it in PowerDirector easily. To do this, you first need to add a soundtrack to the media library. You can go to “Import media file” and import the track from there. After importing the sound file, you need to balance the channel. You can pan the soundtrack either to the left or right channel.

Integrate PowerDirector with ColorDirector

Color grading has become an integral part of video editing. You can correct color imperfections and enhance video quality. You can integrate this tool with PowerDirector. Whenever you edit a video and need the advanced color-grading tool, you can use ColorDirector that works integrated with PowerDirector.

Use Chroma Key

Import a green screen clip into the media room. Place a video or an image that you want to set in the background. Open the Chroma key feature and apply it to the green screen video. If the video background is blue, you can target blue color using the Chroma key feature.

Anyone can easily edit videos using PowerDirector by following the steps above. We hope you will find the tips useful.


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