How to Protect your Tech Company from Hackers

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Every day, new information is released about how hackers are finding ways to infiltrate some of the largest companies in the world. It’s time for your company to take action and protect itself from these cybercriminals. This blog post will discuss some easy steps that you can do today to help secure your business against future attacks.

Train your Employees

Your employees are your first line of defense when it comes to keeping information safe. Make sure that they understand what types of data should never be sent via email, and what steps to take if they’re ever unsure about an email request for sensitive company info.

Also, teach them how viruses can infiltrate their devices, potentially leading to a hack of confidential company information.

Finally, make sure that they understand how to protect their passwords and usernames from being hacked. Even a simple password hack can lead to thousands of dollars worth of loss for your business if not protected appropriately.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

A standard username and password combination is no longer a sufficient form of protection. Hackers have begun to find ways around this simple security measure by finding out personal information about employees, leading them directly to their passwords.

Multi-factor authentication adds another step beyond the traditional login process requiring users to enter in both a pin number and a random code that is texted or emailed to them.

This makes it much more difficult for hackers to gain access to your company’s data and is a step you should consider implementing today.

Use a VPN

A Virtual Private Network can be especially useful for companies that frequently work from remote locations and connect to their office’s servers.

When using public Wi-Fi, hackers can access sensitive company information transmitted over unsecured Wi-Fi networks through man-in-the-middle attacks.

A Virtual Private Network ensures that all of your company’s data is encrypted, and can only be accessed by those who have the proper permissions.

If possible, you should even use a VPN to access your business’ network from home or on any personal devices that may not be as secure as they need to be.

Use Encryption

The simple act of encrypting your company’s hard drives can be a very effective way to protect all the data stored on them.

This becomes especially important as more and more companies look toward cloud storage solutions for their business’ files. Hackers can access unencrypted documents through network breaches, so using encryption is an easy way to make sure that your data is safe.

There are many different encryption software programs on the market, so be sure to do your research and find one that best suits the needs of your business.

Get contact center as a service

Companies often purchase software that they don’t really need and then struggle to find the time and resources to implement it. A great way to avoid this is by utilizing the best ccaas solutions. This can be a big deal for any business that needs an immediate contact center solution without the stress of setting up their in-house operation, especially when it comes to saving resources, time and boosting cyber security. For instance, when it comes to security, it’s much easier and safer to leave the protection of your company information up to a trusted contact center as opposed to trying to secure everything in-house.

Contact center service providers have all the software and equipment needed to run a contact center, so your business can focus on what it does best while still being able to offer its customers high-quality customer care.

Have a cyber security plan

Last but not least, make sure you have a cyber security plan in place for your business. This should include protocols for what to do if your company is hacked, how to handle sensitive information, and who is responsible for implementing and monitoring the security measures.

A good cyber security plan will also outline preventative steps that employees should take to keep the business safe, such as updating passwords and avoiding wireless connections.

When it comes to cyber security, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Each business needs to take into account its own specific needs and vulnerabilities to best protect itself from hackers. However, by following these five tips, any company can make sure Implementing these basic cyber security measures can help keep your business’ data safe from hackers.

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