How You Can Turn Coding Into a Side Hustle

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Information technology (IT) reached a pinnacle in 2020. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses needed to move online. Hence, IT specialists were required to create proper environments for them.

This involved software developers in many cases. These coders established new applications for a smooth transition. These individuals continue to be needed, which means you’re in a prime position to help with your programming skills.

To find out more, here are a few tips on how to turn coding into a side hustle.

Improve Your Coding Skills

Yes, you might be an above-average coder. People at your full-time position have said your user interfaces (UI) are smooth and the backend user experiences (UX) are quick. However, are you a subject matter expert (SME)?

To turn coding into a side hustle you must know more about available tools. You need to comprehend different coding languages and how well they work with various platforms.

For instance, you might not know enough about an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). So, you want to take an online IDE class at a site like CODIO to better understand the concept and how it simplifies application integration.

Don’t Start With the Big Project

It seems logical to begin your coding side hustle with a big project. However, there’s a flaw. You’ll end up totally immersed in the task that you won’t be able to take on other jobs. In turn, you might end up missing out on some potential long-term projects.

So, don’t start with the biggest project. If you do, then talk to the client about breaking it up into smaller tasks. That way, you can add smaller projects that are quicker to complete. You make multiple clients happy with this scenario.

Implement Agile Operations

Normally, the agile theory of development pertains to larger software organizations. It focuses on teamwork and smaller achievements rather than looking at the big picture. Though you’re a one-person operation it doesn’t mean you can’t implement it into your side hustle.

The part you want to utilize is incremental development. In other words, the way companies like Microsoft release their software. They offer up a base and continually update and add features through future releases.

This works in reference to your big projects. Though these clients might want everything in one release you can apply agile theory and work with them to break it down into smaller pieces. In this way, you minimize the risk of catastrophic failure at the start.

Develop A Client Base From Those You Know

Side hustle or not, it can be hard to create a client base from scratch for your coding business. Clients question why they should go with you when they work just fine with their current coders? Avoid this by bringing in people you know.

These can be friends, family, and co-workers at your full-time position that need another type of application. The success you gain with these people should generate word-of-mouth praise, which is even better than a great online review. Soon enough, you’ll bring in new clients with unique needs.

Have Someone Else Do The Scut Work

You’re a coding SME. This is what you want to do in your off-hours. What you don’t want to take care of is the administrative minutiae that take up a majority of your time.

Avoid this form of scut work by bringing on someone else. They don’t have to be a full-time employee. There are plenty of virtual assistance available that are SMEs in marketing, sending out invoices, and handling general administrative duties. These people take a lot of pressure off and allow you to do your best coding.

These are a small sample of the ways you can turn coding into a side hustle. Like any entrepreneurial opportunity, a plan is required to start the process. Don’t go into this without any idea of what’s involved in the process and if you want to eventually turn it into a career.

Importantly, take it slow. Avoid bringing in a large number of jobs at once. This avoids missed deadlines and poorly designed code. Be careful at first and note the mistakes so they don’t happen again. Performing these actions can turn your coding side hustle into a business that makes more than your full-time position.

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