Major Causes Of Car Accidents

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You may find yourself dealing with more than you expected, including property damage, injury, and medical bills. Stats reveal that the number of car accidents has skyrocketed in the recent past. This is precisely why car accident cleanup services companies are also mushrooming right, left, and center.

There are many causes of accidents and some of them are even avoidable. Here are the major reasons why car accidents occur:


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1. Distracted Driving

It is one of the leading causes of car accidents. Contrary to popular belief, the brain cannot focus on more than one task simultaneously. This means that a driver who is texting, talking on the telephone, grooming, reading, and even munching food while driving is likely to meet an accident.


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2. Speeding

They’re everywhere you go. Drivers often ignore speed limits and drive at least 10-20 mph faster than the limit. If you have to avoid an accident, your reaction time will slow down drastically when you are driving fast. No wonder why car accident cleanup companies are always busy cleaning up the mass of accidents that take place due to over-speeding.


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3. Running Intersections

Another leading cause of car accidents is running through stop signs and red lights. Red means stop. This is not a suggestion to you to do whatever you like. Slow down if you see a yellow light. Do not be tempted to put stop signs in front of your house, as many do. In the like manner, you are required to stop at the stop sign. It will only 10 additional seconds of your time.


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4. Rain

Rain is one of the main causes of accidents on roads in North America. Overly wet roads can cause cars to lose grip and subsequently slip, leading to accidents. And most of them even prove to be fatal.

Inexperienced drivers can panic in wet weather and lose control of their vehicles. Driving in heavy rain can pose safety hazards as well. It is important to be aware of traffic conditions, speed limits, and road conditions during rainy weather.


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5. Vehicle Defects

Although vehicles go through extensive testing before being placed on the market for sale, sometimes authorities fail to spot defects. You should immediately take care of any recalls that may be on your vehicle. Regular maintenance is also recommended to ensure that any maintenance issues are detected early enough to prevent damage.


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6. Wrong-Way Driving and Improper Turns

While no one is perfect, it’s important not to make mistakes on the roads. It could cost your life. According to most car accident cleanup experts, several car accidents happen when people do not use the turn signals correctly, get in the right lane, obey traffic signals, and so on. Keep your eyes open for traffic signs.


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7. Teenage drivers

Teenagers are often known for their carelessness. Besides, their knowledge about the traffic rules is very limited, which makes them potential candidates suffer from accidents.


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8. Potholes

Potholes on the streets pose dangers to motorists. Potholes can cause drivers to lose control of their cars or end up damaging the tires. You can avoid an accident by not driving over a pothole along the way.


Every day, we read about hundreds of road traffic collisions taking place across the country. Statistics show that more than 10 motor vehicle-related fatalities occur in California every day. Accidents can occur due to a variety of factors, including bad visibility, unsafe road, and drivers not being careful. Although the causes of accidents may vary, the results are almost always the same. There are many causes of accidents and some of them are even avoidable.

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