Pilates Helps Improve Health

Pilates Helps Improve Mind and Body Health
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Pilates is an exercise style that was originally developed to help individuals head from various injuries that they may have faced, like a form of physical therapy in a way. The style is made to give you core strength by giving a key focus to your body. Through these techniques, you are able to improve both your physical health and your mental health when you engage in a pilates regimen on a regular basis. You can get more detailed information on how this exercise can help your body below.


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1. Mood Disorder Symptom Reduction

When you engage in any type of exercise, your body releases endorphins which are the hormones that help to alleviate your stress and make you feel happier. If you struggle with a mood disorder like depression or anxiety, however, you may lack the motivation to engage in a difficult workout so you can experience these endorphins. Pilates is a minimal impact workout regimen, however, that is fun to do and requires fun equipment such as a Pilates reformer that you will be dying to try out. This can help to motivate you so that you can start to feel happier and start to feel your stress ease away.


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2. Better Self-Awareness

As mentioned above, when you engage in a pilates routine, you have to focus on your body and its needs. When you perform pilates, you will have to engage in mindfulness which aids in increasing your self-awareness. You have to concentrate so that you know how to perform each movement to get the most impact and the most benefit from the exercise. When you are self-aware and are engaged in mindfulness techniques, you can feel that many of the barriers that you are facing in your life start to be removed.

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3. Pain Reduction

Being as that pilates was originally created to heal injuries, you can expect that the exercise can help in pain reduction. Again, the exercise routine is gentle enough so that you can work on your muscles and help to build up their strength over time. Much of the pain reduction that others have experienced has been focused on lower back pain. Pilates can even help your pain if you have had it for years and it has become chronic, so why not give it a try?

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4. Improved Heart Health

Pilates is a cardio workout that is low impact and does not stress you out as badly as others. You can improve your cardiovascular health still through these routines by increasing your breathing capabilities which will increase the amount of oxygen your blood is receiving. It is a great exercise type to get into if you have recently found out that you are at risk for heart disease or a heart attack. Find some moves that you are comfortable with and that will not put too much stress on your body, and get started.

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5. Stress Reduction

When you live in chronic pain or when you live with mental health conditions, you probably are under so much stress. Pilates has the ability to alleviate that stress and to make your emotional health so much better than it was before. You can have a better quality of life which can come through feeling just a bit happier or being able to move just a bit more freely. You will also find that you will have more energy to get through your day so that you can conquer everything on your to-do list to further eliminate some of your stress.

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Final Thoughts

When you practice Pilates, you will definitely strengthen your core and will definitely eel that your muscles are stronger. You may also find that your pain and that your heart health started to improve over time. You may even find that you are feeling less stress and that you are feeling fewer negative emotions over the stress that you may be experiencing in your life. You should start this routine as soon as possible so that you can get these benefits and others for your entire body, inside and out.

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