Starlink Satellite Broadband is Now Officially Registered in Pakistan

Starlink Officially Registered in Pakistan
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A noteworthy advancement has taken place in Pakistan’s IT and Telecommunications sector as Ryan Goodnight, the Director of Global Licensing and Market Activation at SpaceX, met with the Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication, Syed Aminul Haq, to discuss the registration of Starlink, SpaceX’s satellite internet service, in Pakistan.

Starlink, a project of SpaceX, aims to provide high-speed internet access to remote areas around the globe using a constellation of thousands of satellites. The service has already been launched in some countries and has shown promising results. Pakistan, with its vast rural areas and poor internet connectivity, can greatly benefit from this technology.


During the meeting, Mr. Goodnight discussed the technical aspects of Starlink and its potential benefits for Pakistan’s internet users. He also briefed the Minister on the regulatory requirements and procedures for obtaining the necessary licenses to operate in Pakistan.

Introduce the service

Mr. Haq expressed his interest in Starlink’s technology and welcomed SpaceX’s proposal to introduce the service in Pakistan. He assured Mr. Goodnight of the government’s support and cooperation in facilitating the registration and launch of Starlink in the country.

The registration of Starlink in Pakistan can have a significant impact on the country’s economy, education, and healthcare sectors. It can provide high-speed internet access to remote areas, which can improve the quality of education and healthcare services. It can also create job opportunities and promote e-commerce, which can boost the economy.


the meeting between the Director of Global Licensing and Market Activation at SpaceX and the Federal Minister of Information Technology and Telecommunication of Pakistan marks a positive step towards the introduction of Starlink’s satellite internet service in Pakistan. The registration of Starlink can have far-reaching benefits for the country’s socio-economic development, and the government’s support in this regard is commendable.

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