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Summer First Date Ideas

Summer First Date Ideas
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While some people find that there’s nothing more exciting than going on a first date with someone you like, others see this as a sociological construct or a symptom of the so-called hook-up culture. Either way, the dating scene has never been more alive than it is today.

Other than being on many first dates, the majority of people have also seen what these dates are “supposed to look like” in works of popular culture. Therefore, they know that there are rules and customs of the dating world that one should abide by in order to make a good impression.

With that in mind and without further ado, here are some ideas for your summer date.

What is the best plan for a first date?

You shouldn’t forget your manners. Make sure to be there on time, show your partner respect, or get too confrontational. You want to keep your plans and expectations for the date as light as possible. Now, for the first date, you want to use an opportunity to get to know them. This is why you want to plan your date in stages.

By doing different activities in their company, you have a chance to see who they really are. If you have several ideas, you want to try and squeeze them all into this one date. First, you want some quiet time (possibly a walk or a quiet drink) so that you can ask a question or two and be asked a couple of questions in return. Then, you can take them dancing or visit a karaoke bar.

Even a date at home can be a huge success if you make an extra effort to learn how to make some popular cocktails or organize a particularly romantic evening.

Keep in mind that the very concept of a first date implies the existence of subsequent dates, so don’t try to rush things. Make sure to create an excellent first impression and establish a foundation for a future relationship. This should be more than enough for your first date.

Should I hold hands on the first date?

While there are a lot of guides talking about a good-night kiss or not sleeping with someone before the third date, holding hands is a concept that’s unjustly overlooked. Physical contact is important, even early in the relationship. Now, seeing as how you might want to show that you’re a physical person while not pushing it too far, holding hands on the first date may seem like a great choice.

Still, the key lies in your ability to read the situation. First, you won’t grab their hand right away. If the date goes fine and the two of you seem to have some chemistry going on, you might want to try and hold their hand. This will show them your intentions without seeming too imposing.

Is it risky? Sure. However, it’s a lot safer than going straight for the kiss. It also gives your partner a chance to effortlessly reciprocate their intentions. What it communicates about you is that you’re serious, committed, and confident while simultaneously paying respect to your potential boundaries.

Seeing as how summer is sometimes hot and humid, part of the year, even if you’re dating for a while, holding hands will just feel more comfortable than walking down the street embraced. So, other than just being cute, it can also be a pragmatic choice.

What should you never say on a date?

First of all, before you even get to saying anything, you need to know two things. First, trust is often built on your willingness to listen. Second, there’s no easier way to ruin another person’s opinion of yourself than to talk over them.

Now, there are a lot of topics that are best avoided on the first date. Sure, transparency is quite important but getting to know each other is a process that is supposed to take some time. On the first date, people will try to guess what kind of a person you are, so while it’s ok to share some of your hopes and dreams, it’s usually too much to dump your five-year plan on them there and then.

Avoid the numbers game, leave your family out of it, and potentially even avoid talking about politics. Of course, one of the worst topics that you could choose on a first date is talking about your ex.

For those who are looking for a fun reminder of what not to mention, there’s a fun online project known as “ruin the first date in 4 words or less”. While this does have a comical intent, the truth is that it’s not that far from the truth. It really doesn’t take more than a four-word sentence to ruin a first date.

How long should a first date last?

You hear so many stories about couples who spent the entire night talking on their first date or those who spent almost every waking hour together, almost from day one. Still, these couples are more of an exception to the rule, and with such chemistry, no guideline would be needed to begin with. On the other hand, when it comes to social norms and customary dating behavior, there’s a rule that one to two hours is an ideal timeframe for a first date.

It’s a common theme for one team to lead, only for the other one to have a comeback and overtake them. Enraged, their fans would often argue that if the game was stopped earlier, their team would win the game. There’s some truth to this strategy of quitting while you’re ahead that applies to the dating world, as well.

Namely, the desire develops during the time apart. If you organize your two-hour date well, chances are that your date will hit a sweet spot after two hours. If you part your ways there, chances are that your partner won’t be able to wait for the next date. Moreover, if you’re lucky, they might even spend a considerable amount of time rewinding the date and making plans for the next one.

How do you flirt on a first date?

Flirting is no short of an art. While there are no clear guidelines about what’s appropriate when it comes to flirting, you might want to approach the whole situation from a more tactical standpoint. Try to read the general context and make your effort to match their energy. You don’t have to do much, seeing as how smirking, complimenting, or even a subtle touch may speak volumes. These are just some subtle tells that you’re into them.

Giving your date a silly nickname, non-malicious mocking attempts, challenges, bets, and silly roleplay efforts are just some of the playful ways to flirt on your first date. This is what keeps the date fun and allows everyone to progress at their own pace.

Flirting over text is just as important. You see, some people are naturally shy, which is why they’re more comfortable flirting over text. Moreover, this is a safer environment for everyone, seeing as how they always have a space for a simple tactical retreat.

When flirting over text, make sure to keep it short and sweet. Also, make sure to stay positive. Due to the fact that they can’t see you (unless you augment the joke with a selfie), it’s easy to come off as obnoxious in a situation where you wanted to be sarcastic. Pay attention to your spelling and grammar in order not to give off a wrong impression. Most importantly, be creative and always ask open questions.

In Conclusion

Summer dates give you more freedom in terms of venues and activities. Moreover, people are generally more active during summer, and even people who are more sedentary are likely to go on a date in the summertime. Learning these several rules and applying some of the above-discussed tips will help you be on the top of your game next time you invite someone/get invited to a date night.

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