The Best Student Accommodation Reading

The Best Student Accommodation Reading
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According to some experts, Queens Court is the best student accommodation Reading. There are a lot of reasons behind this. First of all, it is very near to some universities. Besides, it is very well connected with public transport, so it becomes very easy to commute from one place to the other and to explore Reading as well as nearby cities to the fullest.

Moreover, you can find a number of facilities and services inside accommodations, which make it a perfect place to stay for the students. This post explores the significant features of the student accommodation Reading, which will perfectly help you in understanding it and for choosing it if you are going to shift to Reading for the university education.

Reach the University of West London in Less Than a Minute

If you have been enrolled in the University of West London then Queens Court can be the best destination for you to stay. It is at 30-seconds’ walking distance from the University of West London, which is why you live in the proximity of the university and can stay in regular touch with your faculty.

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The Best Student Accommodation ReadingStudent Accommodtaion Reading

Twenty-Two Minutes’ Walk Away from University of Reading

It is also not so far from the University of Reading, and it is just at 22 minutes walking distance from this university. So, this university is also not so far, and you can reach there in less than half an hour if you go on foot. As already stated, the city is well-connected with transportation, which is why you have the options to reach there within a lesser time.

Near to Broad Street Mall and Hexagon Theatre

Queens Court is definitely an ideal property to live in for shopping lovers. Broad Street Mall is just located at your doorsteps, which allows you to purchase your favorite entities as well as to enjoy in your leisure time.

Moreover, you can get entertained in the Hexagon Theatre which is also close to this property. It hosts several standups, open mic, and bands, so it is an excellent place to lighten up your mood.

Moreover, you find several restaurants and watering holes nearby where can do the celebrations.

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The Best Student Accommodation ReadingStudent life in Reading

Private Dining Area inside the Property

Inside the property, you find a private dining area, where you can have muffins and many other eatables of our interests.

Gym for the Fitness Lovers

The gym is one of the most desired facilities by present-day students. At Queens Court, you find a gym for fitness lovers. This gym is open every time, so even if you are interested in a 3 AM or 4 AM workout then also you can go ahead.


It is needless to mention that the internet is an utmost need for the students of today.

Moreover, it is also needed today for the study purpose for various projects and assignments. Therefore, there is an arrangement of Wi-Fi at Queens Court, through which you can get connected to the World Wide Web on your laptops or smartphones. However, this is a paid service inclusive of your bills.

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The Best Student Accommodation ReadingInternational Student

Support Team

There can be times when you need support related to some problem that accidentally occurred in your place of stay or for any other query. For resolving any such issue, you find a support team at the property, which is always available for your assistance.


Security is a major concern at every place where you are going to stay. Therefore, you get the full arrangement of security of yourself and your luggage at this property. It has a secure door entry to avoid unauthorized persons entering inside. Besides, CCTV cameras are installed at the property so any suspicious activity can be detected.

Contents Insurance

There is also an arrangement of contents insurance, in which you get cover in case of loss of your assets.

Availability of Ensuite Rooms, Studios, and Apartments

In Queens Court, you find different types of accommodations, among which you have the option to choose as per your requirements. You can get the ensuite rooms, which have been categorized as gold ensuite and silver ensuite.

Another option is the studio, which is available under four categories – bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. A platinum studio can be shared by two people. The apartments available here comprise five categories – 4 Bed Penthouse, 3 Bed Penthouse, 2 Bed Penthouse, 1 Bed Penthouse, and Diamond Penthouse.

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The Best Student Accommodation ReadingStudent Accommodation in United Kingdom

Book Accommodation via Student Accommodation Service Providers

If you are interested in selecting and booking accommodation at Queens Court then using the services of student accommodation service providers is an ideal option. By searching or selecting Reading as a place where you have to stay, you will find a complete list of student accommodation Reading.

In the list, you can select “Queens Court”, and after that, you can go through the process of booking the accommodation you need.

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Queens Court is definitely a perfect student accommodation in Reading, where you can have a lot of fun along with the homely feel

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