The Most Popular Python Packages

Most Popular Python Packages
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A package in Python is a collection of module files that simplifies the organization of an application’s dependencies. In this article, we will examine the most popular packages as reported by PyPiStats, which updates its data monthly. If you require professional Python development services, please let us know.


The AWS SDK for Python has seen over 388 million downloads in recent months. It enables Python developers to create software utilizing services such as Amazon EC2.


The package, a powerful and user-friendly HTTP client for Python, has been widely adopted by developers and has seen over 260 million downloads. It offers many crucial features for web development, making it a must-have for any Python developer.


This package provides a low-level interface for AWS and serves as the foundation for multiple popular Python packages such as the AWS CLI and boto3. It is also maintained and released directly by Amazon.


The package provides support for the IDNA 2008 protocol as outlined in RFC 5891, it allows for the translation of IDN names from ASCII to Unicode and vice versa, in Python applications.


This package, a widely used HTTP library in web development, has been the most downloaded Python package for an extended period, with over 231 million downloads this month. It allows for efficient sending of HTTP/1.1 requests and eliminates the need for manual addition of query strings to URLs or encoding of PUT and POST data through the use of its JSON method.

Setup tools

This package is essential for frequent script creators as it simplifies the process of downloading, building, installing, upgrading, and uninstalling Python packages. It has been downloaded over 205 million times this month.


s3transfer is a Python library for managing transfers of data to and from Amazon S3. With 195 million downloads, it is under active development and its page advises users not to use it or specify the version as the API may change even between versions. Many projects, including Boto3 and AWS-CLI, rely on s3transfer.


This module allows for the identification of the encoding used in a file or data stream. It is useful for analyzing large sets of text and for determining the encoding of remotely loaded data when it is unknown. It has been downloaded 194 million times.


Certifi offers a curated collection of SSL certificates from Mozilla for your query projects. Originally taken from the Requests project, it does not allow for changes to the CA trust store. It is intended to provide a reliable and portable root of trust for Python deployments.


This package offers compatibility between Python 2 and 3 by providing utility functions that bridge differences between the versions. It enables writing code that can run on both Python 2 and 3. It has been downloaded over 168 million times in the last month.


From this top list, we can conclude that

  • Many packages provide fundamental functionality, such as working with time, config files, encryption, and standardization, and often rely on other projects.
  • A prevalent theme is connectivity, as most of these packages enable connection to servers and services or support other packages.
  • The remaining packages are extensions to Python. We also recommend the use of Nix as a DevOps best practice for creating Python and other language packages to promote compatibility between versions for testing, deployment, and continuous integration.

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