Ultimate Guide to New York City in a Weekend

Guide to New York City in a Weekend
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Where to stay in New York City? What to explore or eat, or where to shop from? That major FOMO is bound to strike you when visiting NYC, isn’t it? And that pressure to see and experience everything possible somehow triples when you have less time at hand.

One great way to explore a city, especially when it is one of the most popular centers of the world, is to experience every place as a whole. When you are short of time, just make the most of the limited and most-popular places that you go to.

So, instead of sending you to 3 different corners of the city to shop, have coffee, or eat, here is how you could do all of it together in 3 of the most popular attractions of NYC. Beat that!


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1. Times Square

Sitting in Midtown Manhattan is the iconic Times Square which is a representative of NYC in so many ways. One just cannot plan a Saturday afternoon in NYC without visiting the ‘Crossroads of the World’ as they call it. Apart from being the iconic Broadway hub, it attracts close to 50 million annually. Fair deal, right?

A maximalist combo of commerce and art, this has to be one of the most happening weekend spots out there. Multiple sections of the square remain closed on different days of the week so, if you see a few shops shut, please don’t panic. Don’t forget to spot connections from movies from Godzilla to Spider-Man.

Do try Virgil’s BBQ and Shake Shack for quick bites while Wu Liang Ye is popular for its hot Sichuan dishes. Becco is always in the spotlight for celebrity Lidia Bastianich. Try whatever you like, NYC’s varied taste palette would not disappoint. Madame Tussauds, Gulliver Gate, and Ripley’s are a must-visit. Hop around the Rock Observatory, Rockefeller Center, and Museum of Modern Art for the rest of the day. Don’t forget to shop at Woodbury’s nearby to complete your mini-tour here.


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2. The Slipper Room

On the Lower East of Manhattan since 1999, this place is for the ones willing to try something other than Broadway. This is what they broadly call the “Adult Entertainment”. It is a Burlesque theatre-cum-lounge which is home to comedians, fire dancers, circus, magicians representing the Neo-burlesque of hip NYC. In case you haven’t figured yet, ‘Adults only’.

While the in-house drinks at the Slipper Room are well-served but quite strong, The Meatball Shop and Oyster House are great restaurants to check out here. It is the perfect place to spend your Saturday night in NYC.


A Sprawling Neighborhood in Transition, Again - Living In/Bushwick,  Brooklyn - The New York Times

3. Bushwick

Your Sunday in NYC is 200% sorted at Bushwick! While poppy murals and street art of the Bushwick Collective will give your Pinterest enough content, the legendary eateries including Roberta’s will take care of your Instagram pictures. Collecting books from Molasses and the quirky Better Read Than Dead stores is a must here.

Don’t miss Bogart Street for shopping while a beer at the former beer capital of the country must not be refused. When talking about shopping, you have to check out this insane thrift store called Urban Jungle at every cost. And to top your sundae (and Sunday) with cherry, experience the iconic award-winning theatres here, especially The Bushwick Starr. What else? Just hop around the streets, visit the innumerable art galleries, eat, drink, and have the best time of your trip. What better heaven could one ask for?

Sunday nights are fun nights, so wherever you are in NYC by the evening, just google the nearest bar to drink and dance your heart out. After all, both of us know that all the touristy fun in the world put together cannot beat the vibe of partying like a local, can it?

But at the end of the day, where to stay in New York? Considering the convenience factor, Manhattan and Brooklyn will be the ideal neighbourhoods to stay in. When deliberating over where to stay in New York, apart from the location, you should genuinely consider short term rentals in New York because hotels in NYC are insanely expensive and the rooms are ridiculously tiny.

As compared to the tiny rooms that NYC hotels provide, fully-equipped serviced apartments will surely become your best buds. Don’t believe me? Do quick research yourself which, by the way, you can totally do now since your weekend to-do list is already sorted. Get set scrolling!

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