What To Do If I Found Water in iPhone Speaker?

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If you accidentally or intentionally dropped your iPhone in water, the speakers may experience sound issues. To fix this, it’s recommended to remove any water from the speaker by using a few methods. One such method is to play a sound at a specific frequency that will force the water out.

To remove water from the speaker of your iPhone, you can use the Siri Water Eject shortcut, a third-party app, or a website. Drying the speaker using a fan or a blower, or using traditional methods like placing the iPhone in rice or silica gel can also be effective. The vibration of sound produced by these methods will help expel the water from the speaker.

What are the Ways to Get Water Out of Your Phone’s Speaker?

If you continue to use your phone while water remains in the speaker, some of it may still be present even after following the steps previously outlined. This could potentially damage the speaker and internal components of the phone.

Removing Water from iPhone Speakers: A Guide

If your iPhone gets wet from a shower or pool, quickly wipe it down with a clean cloth. If it gets exposed to other liquids, rinse it with cold water and be cautious of water pressure. Afterwards, thoroughly dry the device with a cloth, paying special attention to the lightning port, as there may still be lingering moisture. Avoid charging the phone until it is completely dry.

1. Suck the water

Suck the water

Remove water from your phone’s speaker using a vacuum, not by hand. If you have access to a car vacuum, it is best to use it as it has a low suction level. If you only have a standard vacuum, use the lowest speed setting.

When attempting to remove water from your iPhone’s speaker using a vacuum cleaner, exercise caution. Do not use a blower or hair dryer, as these devices push air in, potentially pushing the water deeper into the speaker.

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2. Silica Gel or Rice

Silica Gel or Rice

Using a container filled with rice or silica gel sachets can effectively absorb the moisture in your phone. Although it takes some time, this method usually works.

By absorbing moisture and oxygen, silica gel and rice can effectively remove water from the iPhone speaker. To use this method, place the phone in a plastic bag with a lid and add a pack of silica gel. Close the bag and let it sit for at least 5-6 hours to thoroughly remove the water.

3. With an App

With an App to remove Water in iPhone Speaker

The manual technique involves using a simple app to play a low-frequency sound. This will cause the water droplets trapped in the speaker grill to move, allowing the water to flow out of the iPhone. To use this method, turn on your iPhone and download the Sonic app from the App Store.

To remove water from your iPhone’s speaker using a manual technique, use the Sonic app. Start by downloading the app from the App Store and launching it on your iPhone, which should be placed on a flat surface. Use the app to set a frequency by swiping up and down. Allow the app to run for a while and you should see tiny water droplets come out from the speaker grills. Clean the speaker grills with a clean towel and repeat the process multiple times until no more water is visible flowing out.

This manual technique involves using a simple app to play low-frequency sound. The water droplets trapped in the speaker grills are agitated enough to allow the water to drain from the iPhone. First, download the Sonic app from the App Store and turn on your iPhone. Place it on a flat surface and adjust the frequency using the app. After a while, small water droplets will emerge from the speaker grills, clean them with a clean towel. Repeat the process several times until no more water is visible flowing out, to effectively remove water from the iPhone speaker. Note, the repetitive frequency of this technique may not be sufficient to completely remove all water droplets, but it is still worth a try. The other two methods, however, are more effective as they quickly expel the water droplets.

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4. With Siri Shortcuts

With Siri Shortcuts

To use the Water Eject shortcut, make sure you have the Siri Shortcuts app installed on your iPhone. Once installed, you can download and install the Water Eject shortcut. The shortcut works by playing a sound that quickly pushes any water out of the speaker grill. Simply follow the link to download and install the shortcut.

To launch the Water Eject shortcut, tap its icon in the Shortcuts app after installation. As it plays a high-frequency sound, water will be expelled from the speaker grills. Once completed, play an audio file to test the speaker’s sound quality.

Disassembling your phone allows the internal components to dry.

If you don’t have access to any of the above methods, it may be necessary to disassemble your device. This task is typically not feasible for individuals to do on their own, so it’s important to seek help from a reputable repair service to avoid causing further damage.

If all the previous methods have failed, disassembling the device may be necessary. However, it’s not recommended to attempt this without proper training and equipment as it may cause more harm than good. Instead, seek out a reputable repair facility to handle the disassembly. Keep in mind that some phone manufacturers do not allow disassembly, so it’s best to let a professional handle it if your phone is from one of these manufacturers.

Bring your phone to the store for repairs.

To protect your device, follow this procedure. However, if the water damage indicator has already been activated, it may be too late. It’s best to take your device to a repair shop for evaluation and recommended steps.

If, after trying these solutions, there’s no sign of water in your device, try the rice method and wait 48 hours before turning it back on to confirm if any water remnants remain.


Dropping your expensive smartphone near water can result in water seeping into every opening. While you may be able to remove water from the surface and charging port, it may be challenging to fully remove it from the speaker.

This article discussed the essential steps to take if your smartphone is dropped in water or has liquid spilled on it. We also covered various methods for removing water from a phone speaker.

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